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SAT and ACT Prep

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Don't let the SAT intimidate you. Our elite private tutors will make the SAT intuitive.


The Endeavor Approach to SAT/ACT Prep

Endeavor Tutoring places you at the center of test preparation, which is why we begin with an in-person consultation. During this process, we really get to know youstrengths, weakness, learning habits, short-term goals, and long-term goals.  

Once we understand how you learn and what you want to accomplish, we find the right SAT/ACT tutor for you. And because we match you with an SAT/ACT tutor who understands and is attuned to your learning style, your tutor can focus directly on the explanations and exercises that work for you - immediately making your preparation more effective, more efficient, and more rewarding.  

Get in touch today with one of our excellent New York elite private SAT Tutors, or in any other city we serve. From Boston to London, our tutors are prepared to take your learning to the next level.



SAT Subject Tests

What are SAT Subject Tests?

  • SAT Subject Tests (sometimes referred to as SAT II's) are a diverse group of curriculum-based exams that evaluate a student’s familiarity with a particular subject matter.
  • All Subject Tests are one-hour long, multiple-choice tests. The format, however, varies depending on the individual subject.

Why take SAT Subject Tests?

  • Many colleges and universities require applicants to send them scores from 2-3 SAT Subject Tests.
  • Colleges look positively on students that take a diverse list of SAT Subject Tests because it demonstrates the range of their interests and breadth of their learning.
  • The exams demonstrate a student's grasp of material specific to high school subjects such as mathematics, biology, or U.S. history. (See our list below).

SAT Subject Test Tutoring we provide: