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San Francisco Private Tutoring

Our San Francisco private tutors have the training to help you or your child navigate all the amazing array of educational opportunities in the Bay Area. Given the density of high achieving people, parents want the best for their children.  Getting your child into the right education can be a daunting process, and we are here to help. Endeavor has a great team of education specialists to help your child find the best educational fit, as well as ensure that your child performs well on tests, and achieves their full potential. 


Moving to the Bay Area is both exciting and daunting. If you or your child is moving to the San Francisco area for university and they need a little extra help settling in, we are here to make the transition smoother. Our elite tutors serve not only as learning specialists, but also as mentors. They can help you with anything from choosing your classes to finding the right apartment. They will help you direct your learning to achieve more than you thought possible. 

A Unique Learning Experience

There is so much to do in San Francisco that often you might think you are missing out on something you wanted to learn but never got the chance to. That is why Endeavor created the American Scholar's program, a way for you to decide what you want to learn and then go do it. Whether it be computer science from former software engineers at Microsoft, learning drawing from one of the best contemporary Dutch portrait artists, music from nationally renowned singers, or writing from published poets and authors, Endeavor has all the tools to help you learn what you never thought possible. 

Meet Gene, Our San Francisco Team Leader

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After graduating from Harvard University, Gene worked on Wall Street for multiple years. He left finance to pursue further education at Stanford in German literature. A lover of classics from the Greek world to German literature, Gene not only knows what it takes to gain admission to best universities in the country, he understands the inestimable value of a good education.