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College Essays

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At Endeavor Tutoring, we have recruited some of the brightest minds around. Our tutors and consultants include current professors, Master's students, PhD candidates, and Teach for America alumni whose collective experiences range from mathematics to philosophy to history and to music. We know how to craft a slam-dunk admissions essay. And remember. We've got your back. We'll read through your essay with a fine-tooth comb and make sure that it's something that will stand out to the admissions committee of your dream school.  

To further help get you started, we have posted sample college essays for free viewing. That's right. College admissions essays that worked, written by one of our very own! 

Essay brainstorming, review, and editing are a part of your admissions consulting package. But if you would just like some expert feedback on a draft of your Common Application essay or a supplemental essay, please submit a college admissions essay editing form.

Three short supplemental essays written by a student currently attending New York University:

"I have always wanted to follow in my father's footsteps into the medical profession. Studying biology at NYU is exactly what I am looking for because it would prepare me for postgraduate training in the biological sciences and also for medical school. My interest in medicine has further evolved after doing research in disease prevention while interning at Yale Medical School this past summer. The possibility of continuing with independent research at NYU is very appealing to me."


"A global network university is a place where students come from a variety of cultures and are exposed to a world-class education without boundaries.  

Studying at NYU will expose me to a multi-faceted life in the big city and to a diverse community of students and faculty who share my interest in music and science. In New York City, I can explore its various resources in both areas and broaden my outlook to experience and interrelate with the musical and scientific community at large."


"I would bring Emperor Ashoka to my home country because history tells us that he renounced violence forever and led a life of peace after he became extremely distraught over the carnage of a military invasion he ordered. The fact that he realized his abuse of power is the reason I would bring him to the U.S. today. I would ask him what he thinks about the USA’s moral responsibilities as a superpower. Would he disapprove of our current foreign policies? What would he suggest to President Obama?"